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Due to weather and safety concerns unfortunately the market is cancelled

If you would like a delivery 11-1

Sk8 or 2 mile radius of Macclesfield town centre

Any 3 items £10.00

Any 4 items £12.00

Minimum delivery £10.00

First come first serve plenty of stock

1 (veggie) cauliflower cheese with Leek, marmite, potato, mature cheddar in short pastry with tomato chutney and melted cheddar

2 roast pork with all trimmings, potatoes, carrot, parsnips, swede, savoy and spinach potato and apple. 

3 Vegan, Moroccan spiced sweet potato, aubergines, courgettes, sultanas, apricot chutney and toasted seeds. 

4 Tandoori chicken with potato saag aloo and mango chutney coconut

5 (New mature cheddar cheese, bacon, potato and mushroom minced pork sausage meat)

6 pork pie red onion chutney pork scratchings smoked cheddar

7 pork pie sweet pickle, smoked cheddar, crispy onions

8 watermelon Greek salad in large punnets or meal deal.

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